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Mary's prolific message is indeed powerful and insightful. She shares her personal story and challenges the listener to respect all life regardless of difficult circumstances. ~Else
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Mary's birth story is unique. She was conceived in rape. Mary was adopted at the age of five after it was determined her mentally ill mother was unable to care for her. Mary story includes her birth mother's experience, how her adopted mother's tragic past was restored through adoption, and the tough decisions she faced when her oldest son was born at 1lb 8oz. 
It has allowed her to encourage those in the Pro-Life arena and those outside of it. She is compelled to stand up for the rights of the unborn, and has had the privilege of speaking at multiple benefit dinners, at Save the 1 press conferences about pro-life legislation, has travel to Washington DC for the National March for Life, attended the 2014 International March for Life and International Leader Conference in Rome.
60% of Pro-Life people believe in exceptions, however after hearing real life stories of "exceptions" their eyes are opened to the fact that everyone desires a Right to Life. After hearing testimonies less than 5% believe in exceptions.​​
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"Our Pregnancy Care Center has been struggling over the past few years. We had lost some church sponsors and individuals due to the economic downturn. We desperately needed to reignite interest in our ministry again and prayed fervently over our major fundraising Banquet. I am happy to report that Mary helped us raise TWICE what we have averaged over the last seven years! I have heard so many people say although they were pro-life prior to hearing Mary speak, they now have a new perspective and felt challenged to speak out more and do more for the cause. I would highly recommend Mary Rathke as a speaker for any ministry for life!"`Deborah Williams Rodenhizer, Center Director - Pregnancy Care Center of High Point, North Carolina
In August of 2014, Mary was invited along with other members of Save the 1 to be interviewed on Family Talk with
Dr James Dobson. She was included in Parts II & III of the series.
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