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Mary  is a mother of four. She has experienced many ups and downs in life and has overcome. Now she is an encourager,  speaker, and helper of the homeless, hopeless and helpless. She is a Christian, and is the first to say no one is perfect. 

Mary is an ordained minister who pastors the Great Lakes Dream Center in Bay City, MI. She also speaks monthly at the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission Chapel, and has received their prestigious annual Good Samaritan Award in 2013. She has a Bachelors degree in Christian Counseling from Christian Leadership Seminary and a Masters in Biblical Studies from Christian Leadership University School of the Spirit. She is a speaker for Save the 1 and has been interviewed on Family Talk with Dr James Dobson. She is the creator and president of HELPeople, INC, which created  The Great Lakes Dream Center. 

She has spoken at Right to Life benefit dinners, and has created special events such as; 
Breaking Free: Divorced and Still Loved, 
The Amazing Race For Rescue 
Samaritan Survivor.

Bay City Times Article 
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As an involved christian in the community Mary felt compelled to do more than giving money and volunteering. She has created events that educate the general public about establish non-profits and she has created a non-profit to help the community at large.